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Discover more about the benefits of guaranteed rent, how the City Borough Housing rent guarantee scheme works, and how to get started. Got a question that’s not covered here? Our friendly team is on hand to help, so please get in touch. 

City Borough Housing is one of London’s leading guaranteed rent providers. Our team is made up of a dedicated group of experienced property professionals, with a wealth of experience in residential property management.

We’re known for our established relationships with a number of local authorities and housing associations across London, and parts of Kent and Surrey. These relationships allow us to offer a competitive rent guarantee scheme that provides landlords with peace of mind, cost and time savings, and income security.

The rent guarantee scheme for landlords involves you letting your property to City Borough Housing. We effectively become your tenant, and we guarantee your rent for an agreed period, usually 3-7 years. Your rent is paid monthly by standing order for the duration of the agreement, even if the property is untenanted.

We then let your property through our trusted network of local authorities and housing associations, using our experience to source and vet tenants who we believe are the best match for your accommodation.

For the entire duration of our agreement, we’ll take care of every aspect of the tenancy, including dealing with tenant queries, organising maintenance and repairs, carrying out quarterly property inspections and paying your rent every month. At the end of the agreement, we will return your property to you in the same condition it was when we took it on, allowing for fair wear and tear.

Guaranteed rent schemes for landlords allow you to take a back seat with your buy-to-let investment. With City Borough Housing managing your property, for at least three years, you won’t have to deal with tenants, deal with or pay for everyday maintenance and repairs, or chase rental payments.

Rent guarantee insurance is a type of landlord insurance provided by specialist insurance companies. It covers landlords for rental income if tenants fail to pay. Some landlord insurance policies include such cover, but most will charge an additional premium for it.

Loss of rent cover is something different altogether. This type of insurance covers landlords in situations where a property cannot be let due to damage covered on a buildings insurance policy, such as fire or flood.

Neither of these policies are the same as guaranteed rent schemes for landlords. To claim on a rent guarantee insurance policy, you would usually have to wait until the tenants are behind on payments by a month, and then you will normally only be covered for up to 12 months. Often there is a claims limit, which may not cover the rent that you would usually be charging. There is also sometimes an excess to pay, and other limitations and conditions that need to be met.

A rent guarantee scheme for landlords, on the other hand, offers a simple assurance that rent will be paid every month by standing order for the entire duration of the agreement. Even if the property is untenanted, the payments will continue.

Following your rental valuation, we’ll inspect your property to identify any snagging that needs to be addressed to make the property safe and habitable. We’ll also ask you for a number of compliance documents, such as an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), a Landlord Gas Safety Record (LGSR), and an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). Other documents may be required. If they are, we’ll let you know. 

From inspecting your property to make sure everything is in place from a safety and compliance viewpoint, to agreeing terms and signing the rent guarantee agreement, can take as little as 48 hours.

At City Borough Housing, we primarily cover South West London, South East London, and East London. We also cover parts of Kent close to London, such as Dartford and Gravesend, and parts of Surrey, again those which are close to London. To check whether we have demand for properties in your area, please get in touch with our team.

Our guaranteed rent for landlords is suitable for private residential landlords, residential buy-to-let portfolio holders, and private developers.

Our main demand from our local authority and housing association contacts is 1-4 bedroomed self-contained properties. We are, from time to time, asked for other types of accommodation. If you would like to check whether your property is suitable, please get in touch with our team.

For the duration of our agreement, we will cover day-to-day repairs as reported by the tenants or identified during our quarterly property inspections. This will include the likes of leaks, tripped electrics, lock malfunctions, general maintenance tasks and much more. External repairs, such as fencing and roofing, remain the responsibility of the landlord. 

We make a commitment to all our landlords that we will take care of their rental properties in the same way we would our own. We carry out thorough quarterly inspections of every property we manage. These allow us to keep a close eye on the condition of the property, ensure that the tenant is complying with the terms of the lease, and identify and resolve any developing issues before they turn into major problems.

Fair wear and tear is the degradation, over time, of the fixtures, fittings and furniture within a property. Factors such as the duration of the tenancy, the type and number of tenants and the quality of the property and its fixtures and fittings will all influence fair wear and tear.

Wear and tear should not be confused with damage and negligence. Typical examples of wear and tear include small scuffs or marks on walls or hard flooring; small marks, frays or stains on carpets or furniture; faded or cracked paintwork; loose handles or hinges on doors or windows; faded upholstery or curtains, and loose or tight taps.

We pay our landlords a fair rental value based on the property type, size and location. Whilst this may not be the same as full market value, the fact that our rent guarantee scheme for landlords includes free professional property and tenancy management, repairs and maintenance, quarterly inspections and rental payments made on the same day each month, gives it exceptional value.

For a minimum of three years, without any additional costs or hidden fees, you will enjoy guaranteed rent, even during void periods. Freedom from having to chase rental payments. No vacant periods where you are not earning any income. No need to deal with tenant queries, organise or pay for repairs and maintenance, or carry out property inspections. And no agency or management fees. Plus we guarantee to return your property in its pre-let condition, allowing for fair wear and tear. So all in all, not only will you be saving time and money, you will also be guaranteeing your peace of mind.

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