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Guaranteed Rent Scheme Bexley

Looking for financial peace of mind through a guaranteed rent scheme? Bexley based? By placing your property in the care of City Borough Housing, as well as benefiting from continuous income even during voids, you’ll also enjoy FREE professional property management, all-inclusive maintenance and repairs, and regular property inspections. All with nothing to spend in fees or commission.

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Is all it takes to start enjoying guaranteed rent and peace of mind.

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Enjoy fee-free management u0026 guaranteed rent for at least 3 years.

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No management fees, no hidden charges. Just the best possible yield.

Why City Borough Housing is the landlord’s choice for guaranteed rent schemes in Bexley.

Here’s why Bexley landlords are choosing the City Borough Housing guaranteed rent scheme…

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Quality-Backed Service Promise

We look after your property like our own. Enjoy a quality service from a team that’s committed to taking care of your investment, your income and your peace of mind.

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Ongoing Income Certainty

With our guaranteed rent scheme, Bexley landlords get paid monthly via standing order for at least three years, even when the property is untenanted.

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Inclusive Maintenance and Property Management

Free-free professional property management and everyday maintenance and repairs are fully inclusive. So you get guaranteed rent, plus guaranteed peace of mind.

The Guaranteed Rent Scheme Bexley Landlords Rate Highly

Eager to keep your investment safe courtesy of a guaranteed rent scheme in Bexley? Your property will be in the best hands with City Borough Housing, where our team of experienced property managers is poised to take care of your property, and your tenants.

With flexible lease periods from 3-7 years, property inspections every quarter to make sure your tenants are looking after your property in line with the tenancy agreement, and all-inclusive maintenance and repairs, you take a hands-off role as a landlord whilst enjoying a regular monthly income, even when the property is untenanted, or the tenants are not paying their rent.

Keen to get things moving? All we need is the postcode of your Bexley property and the number of bedrooms and we’ll be ready make you a fair rental offer.

How it works
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Just a few details are all we need to calculate your offer for our guaranteed rent scheme in Bexley. You can also use this form to request more information about our services.

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    Seeking a landlord guaranteed rent scheme in Bexley?

    The peace of mind that you’ll receive your rental payments without fail every month for at least three years is unbeatable. Even during void periods, you’ll still be paid the agreed amount by standing order, for as long as our guaranteed rent scheme agreement is in place.

    With City Borough Housing backing their guaranteed rent scheme, Bexley landlords never have to worry about the everyday running of their properties. For at least three years, there are zero management fees and no maintenance or repair costs, and nothing to pay for quarterly inspections. There’s no commission to pay either. Even better, with the property returned in its pre-let condition at the end of the agreement, landlords can get their properties back into rentable condition with no outlay.

    Our friendly, experienced team is always ready to ensure that through our guaranteed rent scheme, Bexley landlords can enjoy full reassurance every step of the way.

    About us
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    What our clients say

    Our latest success stories

    Mr. Sullivan

    landlord in Catford, London

    “City Borough Housing are fantastic to work with. They are efficient and always helpful. If there is an issue, then you can work through the problem together in a mutual way to always come out to a positive outcome. A special mention to Jan who is always a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend them high enough.”

    Ms. Umekwe

    landlord in Medway, Kent

    “I have worked with City Borough Housing for over two years. During this time, I have found the service provided by City Borough Housing to be professional in all my dealings with them. I will like to express my gratitude to Jan and her team for the excellent manner with which they have dealt with all my enquires relating to my properties. Issues are dealt with swiftly and on time. She is very courteous, efficient and attention to details in all my communication with her. All payments are on time every month.”

    Mr. Onyemaenu

    landlord in Catford, London

    “City Borough has provided me with a professional services and I will not hesitate to recommend them anytime.”

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    020 3790 9228

    Tallis House, 2 Tallis Street Blackfriars, London, EC4Y 0AB

    Bexley Guaranteed Rent Scheme FAQs

    Learn more about our guaranteed rent scheme in Bexley, what you need to qualify, and exactly what you can expect when you let your property through City Borough Housing.

    With our guaranteed rent scheme, Bexley landlords are effectively renting to City Borough Housing. We will become your tenant, paying you a monthly rent for the duration of our agreement, which could be anything between three and seven years. We’ll even pay you between tenants, or when tenants aren’t paying their rent.


    We rent your property through our network of registered housing providers and local authorities across Bexley. We manage everything, from day-to-day maintenance and repairs to calls from tenants. Property inspections also come as standard every quarter, allowing us to keep a close eye on whether your property is being cared for as it should be.


    When the agreement concludes, we’ll hand your property back to you in the same condition it was at the start, taking fair wear and tear into account. So you won’t have to pay for any renovation costs.


    With City Borough Housing’s guaranteed rent scheme, Bexley landlords can take a back seat role with their buy-to-let investment. For three years minimum, you can forget about tenant queries, everyday maintenance and repair requests and costs, and chasing rental payments every month.

    For as long as our agreement lasts, we will take responsibility for all day-to-day repairs as reported by the tenants or identified during our quarterly property inspections.


    Included are things such as tripped electrics, leaks, broken locks and general maintenance. Outdoor repairs, however, are not included. So anything to do with roofing, fencing or exterior walls, for example, will remain your responsibility.

    All our Bexley landlords enjoy a fair rental value based on the type of property, its size and location.


    Whilst this may not be full market value, the fact that our Bexley guaranteed rent scheme includes professional property management, everyday repairs and maintenance, quarterly inspections and returning the property in its pre-let condition at the end of the agreement, means it is top value.

    We are interested in taking on properties from private residential landlords and developers. Usually our requirement is for 1-4 bedroomed homes that are self-contained, although every so often we may have a requirement for other types of properties.


    Once your rental valuation has been issued, we’ll inspect your property to check whether there is anything to deal with so that the property is safe and habitable.


    You will also need to provide us with a number of compliance documents. These will include, for example, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), a Landlord Gas Safety Record (LGSR), and an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). Other documents may also be required. If they are, we’ll let you know.


    Once the property inspection has been finalised and everything is ready concerning safety and compliance, we can then agree terms and get the Bexley guaranteed rent scheme agreement signed. This can take as little as 48 hours.